Zhiyun Smooth Q Phone Gimbal

Here is a video testing the gimbal out!

Have you ever looked at one of your own videos and immediately wanted to throw up? Most likely you are experiencing the common occurrence of camera shake. We all have shot a video that just thrashes around and distorts all of your senses at once, whether it be auditory or visual.

If this is you then I might have a solution that may solve your stomach issues. I recommend the Zhiyun Smooth Q stabilizer. It is a 3 axis gimbal stabilizer for your phone or GoPro. It gives you smooth buttery footage that will cure your motion sickness. This is what it looks like.

The phone is not included!

There are a few different models out such as the Smooth 4 which does not get better reviews than the Smooth Q. I personally have not used the Smooth 4 but I can’t really believe that the design is worse than the Q. Also the Q has lowered in price because of the new release but make sure that your phone is under 7.8 oz.

Here is a link to the exact product on Amazon where you can see all the specs and even buy it through my link which will help my channel.

Click here for Zhiyun Smooth Q smartphone gimbal