About Masterphil’s Media

Masterphil’s Media was created in March of 2014 as a means of recording videos for my mother in law’s yoga studio.  I built her website and created videos for her as a promotional tool.  I am grateful to my mother in law Marinda because she believed in me and helped me find my true calling.  Since then, I have acquired the help of my brother Rudy for camera work and extra assistance while doing video and photo shoots.  Now we work as freelance videographers that also set up social media networks and websites.  If you want to contact us then please click here.

Who am I

                   SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

I am Masterphil the creator of Masterphil’s Media.  My entire life has unfolded in a way that is perfect for creating a business in creating mixed media social networks.  I am a mixed media martial artist in a sense that I can take any business and create a media marketing plan and Judo chop it into living art which is video.  As a child I spent my free time making music videos and found enjoyment in documenting family trips.  When I went  to  college I studied Architecture and Economics and realized that I was not right for either individually.  For a long time I felt like I did not fit in to the working world but now I know that I do.  Through spiritual searching and meditating I found out that everything I learned about in school has meaning and it is up to me to use it to the fullest degree.  I have brought together the design of architecture and the intellect for business to create a career that would make me and the people I help be happy.  Once again, I am Masterphil and I love what I do, which is helping people realize their own dreams can become a reality.  To find out how we can work together then you can contact me here.





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