Zhiyun Smooth Q Phone Gimbal

Here is a video testing the gimbal out!

Have you ever looked at one of your own videos and immediately wanted to throw up? Most likely you are experiencing the common occurrence of camera shake. We all have shot a video that just thrashes around and distorts all of your senses at once, whether it be auditory or visual.

If this is you then I might have a solution that may solve your stomach issues. I recommend the Zhiyun Smooth Q stabilizer. It is a 3 axis gimbal stabilizer for your phone or GoPro. It gives you smooth buttery footage that will cure your motion sickness. This is what it looks like.

The phone is not included!

There are a few different models out such as the Smooth 4 which does not get better reviews than the Smooth Q. I personally have not used the Smooth 4 but I can’t really believe that the design is worse than the Q. Also the Q has lowered in price because of the new release but make sure that your phone is under 7.8 oz.

Here is a link to the exact product on Amazon where you can see all the specs and even buy it through my link which will help my channel.

Click here for Zhiyun Smooth Q smartphone gimbal

SlingStudio Streaming Hub

Hello video production enthusiasts! I am doing a series of videos and tutorials on the SlingStudio Video Streaming hub. Is this the answer for your problems or is it a problem upon itself? I’m not sponsored or being paid for this review so I’m going to test the waters and find out if the SlingStudio is the answer.

This is the hub that allows camera systems access to the internet. Up to 10 smartphones can be connected to it but only 4 cameras can be active in the switcher at a time. A camera can be attached to the HDMI input in the hub or used with a Cameralink.

The Cameralink allows a DSLR or Camcorder to record wirelessly to the hub. One thing that I noticed is that the HDMI port is unusually a micro port which is fine but the cable they give you has a mini HDMI port at the other end. Meaning that if you have a camera with a full size HDMI port then you need to buy a separate cable for it to work correctly. I think they could have thrown it in for good measure but I also know that they need to make a profit to keep in business.

Here are the ports that can be utilized by the SlingStudio Streaming Hub.

  • USB-C for external hard drives and Solid State Drives.
  • HDMI in for direct camera access.
  • HDMI out for monitoring purposes.
  • Line In for audio capture
  • Power in for power in, duh!

This is the USB-C Expander which enables you to record to 2 usb 3.0 drives and connect to an Ethernet cable. This is absolutely huge when it comes to streaming because you can have a direct line to the internet. It takes really good internet to stream a 1080 @ 60p format which is a big amount of data for streaming plus it can do that up to two channels. So if you have Google Fiber or a high quality upload speed then you’re in luck. If not then this may be a deal breaker. For me as a videographer internet speed is vital to the business because I want a fast turn around. I shouldn’t be twiddling my thumbs waiting for internet connections and now with the SlingStudio it will be even more crucial.

This is the battery which is quite large. Part of the reason why is because it holds charge for 3 hours worth of streaming. I think that it is key to have a battery to be mobile and unplugged from the wall so that when you are streaming then you can place the hub close to where your transmissions are coming from.

Battery TECH Spec: Lithium-Ion 11.1V, 6700 mAh battery

In conclusion I like the over all aesthetic to the SlingStudio Video Production Streaming Hub. I have a video here of my unboxing. Leave a comment on what you think!

Canon EOS M50

One Great Step For Canon in the Right Direction

I recently bought a new camera for vlogging from Canon. One of the first of their recent mirror-less models that caught my attention because of how conveniently small this camera is and how feature packed it is. It first of all does 4k video at 24 frames per second. This is a nice feature but there is a drawback to this because the 4k is cropped quite a bit and on top of that it is an APS-C sensor so it’s double cropped. Luckily I was not really looking for a 4k camera to add to my arsenal but I did want a second 4k option just in case I needed a back up. I have a JVC camera that does 4k pretty well and I was going to hold off for the A7iii when I had the cash. I’m glad that I held off because Canon just announced a 4k full frame camera that is affordable that is on my radar called the Canon EOS RP. I would have been selling off my sony stuff right now because I love Canon’s color science and easy button layout. Mostly because I know the layout and how canon works. For now I decided to get the Canon M50 because I am starting to blog and vlog. When vlogging it is important to have your cameras be small and light weight with good auto focus. I had a problem with my other cameras not having a good auto focusing system. I was using a T3i and T5i to get self interviews. Which was a pain in the ass because I had to use a light stand to get focus and hope that when I recorded it was in focus. Now with the M50 I have the dual pixel AF quite awesome Canon auto focus. It tracks my face perfectly without making noise or hunting for my face. It also has a fully functioning touch screen that I can choose what is in focus with a press of a button. A big deal for me is the fully articulating screen so that I can see if I am in frame. One other draw back is that I can not see the audio bars when I am recording on the articulated screen. Hopefully canon will be able to update this when they do firmware updates. For now I will just record audio twice with a wireless lav for redundancy so that I make sure that the audio is good. Another feature that I like is that it does HD 1920 x 1080 at 60 frames per second for real slow motion. I have another camera that does this but it’s a big camcorder style camera and I was wanting something I could throw on a gimbal that is light weight. I want to take this camera out into nature and not have the burden of holding a giant camera. I see the great potential of this camera as a great vlogging camera and also a great b-roll camera. I use my old DSLRs as my artistic b-roll style cameras and I finally feel like this camera is feature rich enough to replace them. The M50 is a great buy and I have no regrets. Check out my video where I talk about my favorite features of this camera.

Key Features

  • Price $649 + Tax
  • 4K 24p and HD
  • 1920 x 1080 at 60p Slow Motion
  • Dual Pixel Cmos Auto Focus
  • Less than 1 pound in weight
  • Came with a Rode Mic Go

Click here for Amazon Link

New Wedding Reel!

Hello everyone! This is my first post in a while so bear with me.  I am grateful  that I am able to consciously create new art and media everyday.  Here is my latest wedding demo reel.  Please leave me a comment of what you think or ways I can improve.  I want this blog to be helpful for other creators as well so if you have questions please ask.


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