Welcome to Masterphil’s Media where our mission is to create an engaging online marketing campaign by using video and social media networks.  There is no better time than now to take advantage of the most valuable marketing resource available, the internet.




Every day people are realizing their own true advertising potential and you can too.  Whether you are an artist looking to get internet exposure or your a business staying ahead of the social media curve, we are able to help you focus your efforts in the right direction.






Business Promotion/Training Videos

Content is king on the internet and one of the best ways to captivate your followers is with video.  100 million internet users watch video online each day and the numbers are growing rapidly.  The reason for this large increase is because of how videos can inform your customers quickly and in an engaging way.  People are becoming busier and busier everyday and will not want to take the time to read all of the text on the internet. In fact, I find myself searching for videos when I want to research products that I use and I find that if the people in the video do a good enough job I start to “like” them and “subscribe” to them and “buy” from them.  There is no faster way to build trust and add value to your customers online experience with your business.  The reality is that if you are not using quality videos in your marketing campaign then the chances are that your competitors are.  Another advantage to using video is the ability to educate and train your employees.  A video training course can be a great solution to getting your employees on the same page.

Here is a short film that I recently finished with pop artist Ethan Lumus! https://ethanlumus.world/



Social Media Marketing

We are a company that strives to help people realize their true internet potential and give them a means to effectively share their gift with a powerful network of friends.  We do this by designing a simple easy to manage social network that reaches followers, customers, and fans across the globe.  This includes websites, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, Linked In pages and many other social media gateways and combining them to create a web that catches the trust of people in your target audience. After we set up a social media plan for your business, we then can help you create a plan for keeping the trust of you customers by helping you create content for your social media.


Magic Wedding Films

We know that your big day is more than important.  It is one of the biggest celebrations of your lifetime. So why not have a special way for you and your loved one to relive the excitement.  Our style is a short form artistic style that also documents the most important parts of the day.  Here is an example of a wedding we did.  For pricing please click the link  magicweddingfilm.com


For more info on magic weddings click here!